About Us

We at MedIoTek Health Systems have a vision of a future in which mobile health technology enables patients, senior citizens and persons suffering from chronic heart/lung diseases can enjoy an improved quality of life at an affordable cost. We have set ourselves on a mission to harness technology to provide care for patients effectively, unobtrusively and non-invasively.

We have developed a solution. We call it VinCense.

VinCense is a wireless health monitoring system. We believe VinCense will transform health care delivery and management. If you are involved in running a hospital or if you are a care provider, a senior citizen or a patient living at home, VinCense will make a difference to you.

We use Microsoft azure platform for our VinCense web interface. Our web interface supports automatic storage, unlimited scaling and data transfer. Besides our interface provides encrypted data transmission with highly secured platform. Long term retention is also possible which ensures no data loss.

Product Info

Power Requirement Lithium coin cell
Power : DC 3.0 V,220 mA
Coin cell : 1*3.0 V Lithium 220 mAH
SpO2 SpO2 measuring range : 70 - 100%
SpO2 accuracy : 70 - 100%, ∓ 2%; <70%,no definition
Pulse Rate Pulse rate measuring range : 20 - 240 bpm
Pulse rate accuracy : ∓ 3bpm 0r ∓ 3% larger one
Skin Temperature In Celcius : 25 - 37 °C
In Fahrenheit : 77 - 99 °F
Environment Operating environment : -20 °C to 85 °C; Humidity < 80%
Storage environment     : -20 °C to 55 °C; Humidity < 95%
Transmission Range 30 Feet(9.14 Mtrs)

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